My Apartment, My Comfortable Oasis

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Finally, you found an apartment within the neighborhood you have always wanted…convenient commuting, favorite theater, the prettiest park as well as the best stocked library. Your neighbors seem friendly, the apartment building is clean and safe, so… small inconvenience is……the apartment is very, tiny & cozy though.

Now it is the time to utilize the best of your organizational abilities so you could take advantage of each and every square inch. You must remember… it doesn’t matter how small your living area is, you always should create a cozy “oasis” you can enjoy when you are home. Many people don’t realize that the most important area in an apartment is the closet…..the CLOSET. The best use you will get from your cozy space, the more comfy your living area will be. Shelves, completely up to the ceiling, are a must in a closet. This is where you will store all your things. The rest of the apartment is your kingdom.

Another essential rule to make yourself as comfortable as you can is to remember that each section has its own function. Cook and eat in the kitchen. In the living room read, work, watch television, surf the web and listen to music. Relax and snooze in the bedroom or sleeping area. This way you’ve got a certain, designated space for anything done when at home.


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