Famous Dead Birthdays on January 23Rd

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Famous Dead Birthdays is just what it sounds like. Dead Birthdays are birthdays of famous people who have a birthday, but have already passed. For example, Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 and he died on April 17, 1790. This means Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday is on January 17th. If Benjamin Franklin was still alive in 2011, he would be 304 Yrs. Old. Famous Dead Birthdays is a type of trivia. How old would a dead famous person be (on their birthday) if they were still alive?

Happy Dead Birthdays

1350-St. Vincent Ferrer-Missionary-d-1419-would have been 661 in 2011

1688-Ulrika Eleonora-Queen of Sweden-d-1741- would have been 323 in 2011

1737- John Hancock-Patriot of the American Revolution-d-1793-would have been 264 in 2011

1745-William Jessop-English Civil Engineer-d-1814- would have been 266 in 2011

1765-Thomas Todd-US Supreme Court Justice-d-1826-would have been 246 in 2011

1832-Edouard Manet-French Painter-d-1883-would have been 179 in 2011

1898-Randolph Scott-western actor-d-1987-would have been 103 in 2011

1907-Dan Duryea-actor-d-1968-would have been 104 in 2011

1907-Bob Steele-Actor-d-1988-would have been 104 in 2011

1912-Ank Van Der Moer-Dutch actress-d-1983- would have been 99 in 2011

1915-Potter Stewart-US Supreme Court Justice-d-1985-would have been 96 in 2011

1919-Ernie Kovacs-Comedian-d-1962-would have been 92 in 2011

1919-Bob Paisley-English Football Half back-d-1996- would have been 92 in 2011

1923-Florence Halop-actress-d-1986-would have been 88 in 2011

1938-Shohei Baba-Japanese wrestler-d-1999-would have been 73 in 2011

1940-John Russell-singer/comedian-d-2001-would have been 71 in 2011

1950-Danny Federici-organ/accordion player for E Street Band-d-2008-would be 61 in 2011

Happy Dead Birthdays

Life has come and gone

Rest in Peace, we remember

Your life and your work







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