American Household: The Busted Out Bread Winners

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From personal experience I notice that there are two types of people. The first type are the people that appear to be weak. The second type are the peole who are weak. The weak ones are always pushing thier weight around, changing the rules , and jepordizing the secuirity of others. The ones who appear to be weak are forced into a position to apply pressure in order to keep things on course. It is funny how all of those who cannot catch a break in the bed ridden job market are considered to be dead beats. If you take a hard look around you will start to notice that it is the gainfully employed that are squandering  money and shifting top priorities to the bottom of the list. It is very unfortunate that the bread winner’s responsiblity has to be questioned.

A person who has been fortunate enough to make 60k per year should really re-consider their position in the household. He/She is supposed to be a leader and should be putting their family first. Recently it seems as if they are on interested in themselves fist and family second. The fact that they make good money and have great educations is worthy of applause. Since the bread winner is well educated and mature in money there are certain aspects of life that should be a bit more stable. For statrers, why does it seem as if they are only interested in their selves. If you got married and had childern you should consider the interest of the family you created not just your own. However, if you peek into the budget scheme of most financial leaders of the house hold they consider everything besides that. I have seen most men and women who brag about the money they make but leave their wives, husbands, and childern without a dime when they have gone on business trips.Some have cut back childerns education funds and demand money from less do do people to make more room for Las Vegas, shopping trips, spa treatment, car details, sporting events,etc.  The sad part is they feel as though they are doing nothing wrong. One associate of mine has gone far enough to buy carpet before rent was paid. Another has adopted a child knowing good and well she can hardly put food on the table to feed the one she  already has. I do not want to leave out the many men that I know who seem to be making all of these children with different partners and running for cover when the issue of support comes into question. Indeed these people appear mighty but in reality the foundation that they and their family stands on is weakening. Moreover, these so called bring home the baconers are not at all as skilled as they believe themselves to be. Not one of them as any sort of skill they can survive with if the company they hide behind happens to let them go.Still they walk around the home kicking sand in everyone else’s face. There is only one thing to be learned from these type of people…mistakes. I must report that this kind of behavior gets passed down from one generation to the next. The low on skill high on tax bracket image has got to go. It is sad to think that this  is the primary reason why more creative people cannot get a break in this society. Instead, we have the excessive mall shoppers and baby makers acting as if they are more important. Well, they are not. The people who take their money know it. They are suckers in line for the taking.

In closing, I will offer a solution. Apply pressure to these people. They are nothing without their families and the people who kiss the ground they walk on. Make sure they never forget that. The minute they become self serving take yourself away from them piece by piece. It is way passed the time they realize what makes them whole. Neglect is a silent killer so make yourself known. If the bread winner acts like they cannot see you then be gone. Do not just stand by their side in embarresment when the credit card gets declined.


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