A Review of Sometimes They Come Back by S. King

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Masterfully written, it is an excellent addition to the huge list of Stephen King novels out there to scare and entertain. It is part of a collect, titled: Night Shift.

Sometimes they come back, tells the story of a troubled high school teacher trying to instruct student during the last, hardest bell of the day. The teacher has the worst of the high school’s kids, all the trouble makers and bullies, and he begins to have problems with three of them as soon as he takes over the class. He reports it to those in charge, who sympathize but will not make changes. He tries to tough it out.

The reader soon learns that the teacher has a traumatic past. His brother was killed when they were kids, the teenage killers never caught, and the Man is tormented with nightmares that get worse the longer he is forced to deal with the unruly students in the last bell. It does not help that three of the children look remarkably similar to the faces he sees in his dreams. The ones who killed his brother. Like with most Stephen King novels, the reader immediately empathizes with the teacher and looks forward to seeing his tormentors get what they deserve.

During the progression of the dreams, the reader discovers the teacher saw his brother murdered, barely escaped with his life and then the three kids from his class begin to torment him. He digs into it and finds out they are indeed the teenagers who killed his brother and the teacher makes a deal with the devil. He arranges for the three boys to come to his class, where he has performed a ritual and when they arrive, the demon he has unleashed kills them. Vindicated, the teacher fails to realize he now owes his soul to the demon he has unleashed. 

Sometimes they come back is a well written tale that will stick with you. As a part of the Night Shift collection, this story is among the best of Stephen King novels.  Four stars.


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