College Cubicle Cure

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I sit here in my cubicle, a college cubicle, older and forever the perpetual student. I am isolated from the others.  I am not here for friendship or socialization, I am here to learn and think.  Rites of Spring blares through my iPod.  My laptop is my only companion, and I communicate with it, tell it all my deepest feelings, pour out my fingertips to its willing keyboard.

This is a large college, and hundreds of students are in this learning lab, flirting and talking and getting numbers.  Not too many are here to learn.  But I am beyond that stage of life; I have a spouse and house and pets and a yard.  I’m not here for the hookup.  I have relational stability, and have no desire to be swept back into the current of dating society.

No one knows me and no one bothers me.  It doesn’t matter that I am a bearded mid-thirties student.  In fact, it helps, because no one wants to know that guy.  I am a loner.

This isn’t a work cubicle where I have to respect others around me and answer their dumb questions and laugh at their stupid jokes.  I am not confined to this cubicle, not strapped down by a paycheck to this chair, not watched over by some corporate big brother monitoring system. 

This college cubicle is a respite from all that.  It is my place of peace and prayer and meditation.  I can shut out all that work pressure and interpersonal communication pressure and just be.  This college cubicle allows me to rest and be.  Learning is not a stress, it is a cure.  For two hours twice a week, I have a cure for my mind, for my soul, a place of peace for my inner being. 


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