Video Game Testing And Its Role in The Gaming Community

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Video game testers are crucial in the development of video games because they can give an assessment of the video game, and also look for bugs and glitches the designer may have overlooked. This job may seem easy, but the truth is it requires fine organizational skills and a keen eye for details.

Video Game Testing is crucial in the creation of new video games, since developers need to make sure that their target audience will have a good experience in playing the game. Game Programming isn’t just a walk in the park, because aside from putting all your creativity and skills in creating a game, you also need to make sure that gamers will be satisfied with the overall experience. This means a game must be error and bug-free, which is where the role of game testers comes into play. 

Game testers put new games through quality assurance testing, searching for bugs or mistakes creators may have overlooked, and/or any other problems in the Game Design that could annoy the user if not fixed immediately. If you are planning to apply as a video game tester, you should know that this is not the kind of job that you might have imagined it to be (spending the whole day playing the latest games). This is actually a tedious and detail-oriented job, since you need to be organized, and criticize the game in a disciplined manner.

Video game testers must be patient, have keen eye for details and must have a methodical approach in testing the game. Good communication skills and knowledge on computer hardware and software is a must as well.

Why it’s becoming popular

Game testing has become popular to both professional and amateur gamers over the years. Online forums and communities for gamers often advertise game testing jobs that are available. You can use these online gaming communities to your advantage if you have plans in pursuing this job for earning money, or are simply hoping to put your gaming skills to good use. Through these forums, you can learn the tips and tricks of the trade from more experienced game testers. Like any other job, video game testing will require you to meet deadlines and submit reports. But if you really love what you are doing (and are getting paid for it), this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

The Requirements

A video game tester must not only be good at playing games, but he/she must also possess a creative mind, have a natural eye for detail, and must be an organized person. Although the job doesn’t require a formal education, it will be better if you have a general understanding of the game production process, and also the latest computer hardware and software. Having a firm foundation in programming languages will also give you the edge over other gamers.

Applying for this kind of job does not usually require a college diploma or other forms of specialized education. What you really need is passion and a genuine interest in video games. Start by testing new products and game apps before they are released in the market (beta versions). This will help developers trace bugs and minor glitches they weren’t able to see during the development phase of the game. With your skills and abilities, developers will be able to release bug-free products that will capture the interest of their target audience.

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