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Web design has changed drastically over the last decade and you will need to keep up with the times if you want to impress your readers. Creating an attractive website in 2010 is more important than ever before. Users expect an interactive, attractive, memorable site that does not overwhelm. Your overall design will depend on your purpose, of course, but you should always keep your audience in mind. Professional websites should be subtle yet engaging in order to hold reader attention. You need to make sure that searchers do not leave your site due to horrible design. You should also know that Google is toying with the idea of showing website snapshots in the search results, giving webmasters even more incentive to go the extra mile.
Although designing a website is much different than working with print, many of the same principles apply. In fact, one of 2010’s biggest trends is websites that incorporate elements of print design. You can do this by experimenting with new layouts. Try using eye catching headers, side notes, footnotes, indented text and highlighted quotations. In other words, think like a magazine. You can make use of unique layouts and beautiful designs to catch your readers’ attention. Good web design should enhance the content, not overwhelm it, however. Make sure you don’t go overboard.
Good web design should make use of colors without dominating your content. Too much white lacks personality, while using all the colors of the rainbow might give your readers a headache. You should pick a color theme and stick with it throughout your website. Take a look at your favorite websites and see how they use color for ideas. You can also visit websites like Smashing Magazine for reviews of great templates and websites.
Eye – candy is only one part of web design. While you site should be attractive, you also need to make sure that it is user-friendly. Make sure that your site is optimized for various resolutions and browsers so that you can preserve the look of your site no matter which browser your users choose. You should also make navigation clear and simple. You do not want to frustrate users by making your site difficult to navigate. Think like one of your readers. What information would you want to see? Categories are not necessary but can help navigate your site more easily. This is especially helpful if you have a blog or a very large website with thousands of pages. If you keep the user in mind at all times, your website will be a hit.
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