Post Grad Film Review

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Ryden Malby has always known what she wanted from life, since being little she has had it all mapped out. She has finally reached her gradation and now it is time for her to get her dream job. Unfortunately she does not get the job she wants, she has been piped to the post again by her rival at college. Ryden is very disheartened about this and seeks comfort in her life long friend Adam.

Adam has know Ryden all her life and he now loves her and wants to be with her, unfortunately the feels are not reciprocated and Ryden sees him only as a friend. Adam has managed to get into law school but he does not know if he wants to go as he does not really want to leave Ryden.

Ryden has no choice but to return home to her eccentric family and try to find work but this is not going to be easy for her as there are no suitable jobs available. How will Ryden cope now her life plan has gone off course and will she ever feel for Adam what he feels for her?

It was only by chance that I watched this film as it was being shown on Sky movies and I decided that it sounded a nice light and easy watch and overall I have to say it was just that but it did start to verge on being boring at times. The storyline was good and very believable as there are so many people who gradate college and find themselves unemployed and for that reason I did really feel sorry for Ryden but she really did herself no favours. The story would have been improved in my eyes if it was a little faster paced and we had a bit more going on as it really was all about Ryden trying to find work.

The acting was also very average and the lead role of Ryden was played by Alexis Bledel. She came across as very selfish at times and only ever thought about what she wanted from life and did not seem to care who she hurt along the way. She seemed to take her best friend for granted and showed no true feelings for him. There were times when I felt she was very wooden and was very robotic in delivering her lines and I would have liked a more natural performance for me to be able to feel an emotional connection. She did at times have me feeling sorry for her but not due to the fact she was down on her luck it was more to do with the fact I wanted her to see what she had around her and appreciate it more. There was no real chemistry between her and Adam despite the fact they had been friends for so many years and they did not gel well on screen together. Adam was played by Zach Gilford and he was slightly better in his role. He seemed a nice and honest man who really cared for his friend and felt her pain when things went wrong for her. There were times when I wanted to shake him and tell him to get on with his life and forget Ryden as she seemed to be taking his for granted. He did manage to deliver his lines slightly better and they were slightly more believable. The one aspect of Adam which I did not enjoy was the singing and guitar playing, he only ever seemed to play the same few bars and when he sang it was only very average and there were places when he went right of key and out of tune ad for me this film would not have missed this element at all.

We had some good support roles and again some very average ones, Michael Keaton played the role of Ryden’s father and I just could not work him out, I spent the whole film wondering whether he was supposed to be being funny or whether he was just lost and did not know where to take his role. One character which I did enjoy was that of Ryden’s Grandmother, she was crazy and bought a few good one liners to the film and there was one point when she did make both me and hubby laugh out loud.

The film was set in the present time and in America so no real effort was needed for the costumes or sets, the ones we did have were all very good and suited the film very well. There were no special effects or action in the film and personally I don’t think any were needed at all. The soundtrack was good but nothing special and the one song which Adam sang really was awful and worth fast forwarding if you do watch this film just to save the ear drums.

There are no bonus features to speak about as this is a film only review. The running time of the film is 88 minutes and I did find this to be quite long enough as there was not much happening in the story and the rate is a 12A, I do agree with the rate as there are one or two small scenes which are unsuitable for the younger viewer.

I am only able to give this film 3 stars, I wanted to give it more but there was the lack of storyline and I did get bored a few times during the film and found myself willing something to happen. I would have gone for 2 stars if it was not for the great character of the dying Grandmother as for me she was the best out of the whole cast. This is an easy to watch film which does not require much thinking or brain power but I would certainly advise not spending any money of the DVD and waiting for this to come on the TV.


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