The Most Effective Techniques of Site Marketing

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There are hundreds of marketing strategies to generate money with your website, you only have to look them up and decide what best suits you. What you’re going to find in this article are the most 3 effective techniques to generate traffic and income online, and a bonus of 2 other important strategies. Check them up and see what best fits your online business. Happy reading!

Writing articles for your blog

The key thing of this strategy is to write and post your articles with a high frequency (recommended daily) and to use the right keywords. Try to keep your article focused around one theme so that the keyword and key phrases come alone naturally and you don’t have to “force them in” in order to make your article reading horrible.

Email marketing

Have a subscriber list on your blog (using Aweber and Feedburner), and then send this articles through direct mailing to your subscribers. This way you can increase your traffic and also, you’ll have an increased number of committed readers – the ones that come back to your blog and find it really interesting.

Social Media Marketing and Community Presence

After writing the articles and opening them up to comments, make sure you engage in responding to every comment of your readers. This will not just create a sense of commitment from your audience (as they are “heard”), but through their questions you can always enrich your article with information relevant to the readers. Moreover, use all the social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Bit Ly etc.) to publicize every new article written. This will most probably mean new audience coming to your blog, and every click counts in this business. There are useful online websites that can manage all your social media so that you spend as little time as possible posting on them – so time is not an excuse!

Except these three, you could also try the 2 bonus strategies: Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) and Article Distribution & Marketing. These two tools are a bit less effective that the previous three, but nonetheless, they can generate important traffic to your blog or website.

Pay Per Click Marketingbecomes useful when the conversion rate for the audience is better than the average; then you should incorporate PPC from any of the top 3 providers – Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter. Make sure you set it up properly in order for it to become effective!

Article Distribution Marketingmeans re-writing your article and submitting it to different article directories. This method takes a lot of time, but it can be useful to increase the traffic to your site – at the end of the day, any click matters, right?

The list can continue, but try to become an expert in these ones and then do the research if you need something more! Good luck!

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