Sea Hunt: Underwater Survey

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Sea Hunt: Underwater Survey had some interesting bits to it, but it wasn’t really a favorite episode of mine.  While there was a lot of underwater action, this is one of those episodes where there was also some political action going on, and those just don’t do anything for me.

The good part is that we really didn’t see that much of this military and political stuff.  The majority of the camera’s attention was on series star Lloyd Bridges in his role of Mike Nelson, deep sea diver extraordinaire, and Anthony George, who guest starred as Rudy Cordoba.

The two characters were investigating the possibility of building a canal to link together two lakes in the always unnamed Latin American countries.  Not everyone supports the idea, and that’s where the action and military conflict comes into play.

What I did like was watching scenes that occurred underwater.  At the beginning there was a bit with Nelson writing on his slate when a current yanks it away and prompts him to give chase.  I love watching that phenomena.

At the same time, I chuckled because normally Nelson’s slate is tied to a string attached to him, so it was a much manipulated scene.

George does a decent job in his role, but Bridges is the reason to watch the show.


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