Highway Patrol: Ranch Copter

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Highway Patrol: Ranch Copter was the 16th episode of this vintage crime show’s second season on the air.  One thing that is notable about Highway Patrol is that they did a lot of outdoor shows.  The indoor action was a small percentage of the overall.  This show, for example, takes place largely in the outdoors in a ranching community.

Considering when this show aired, back in the mid-50’s, the use of helicopters was quite exciting.  While we take it for granted today, it was novel in 1957.  That’s why this series did numerous episodes that included helicopters and, in fact, most of them publicized the fact that the copter would be part of the story by putting the word ‘copter’ in the title.

This half hour episode surrounds a woman being shot accidentally by her husband.  Thinking it was an intentionally act, the woman’s brother goes on a quest for revenge, and that is what brings in the highway patrol and ultimately the use of the helicopter to locate and arrest the angry brother-in-law.

I like seeing the helicopter and agree that it adds to the excitement.  There’s something about just watching it take off that gets my attention.  The pilot for most of the copter shows, including this one, was Roy Bourgeois.

The action was pretty good, and the story was decent.


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