Am I Selected?

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                  Am I Selected?

Candidate: Good morning, Sir, (sits on a chair)

Officer: Good morning. What’s your name?

Candidate: Sir, my name is written on the application.

Officer: But, I want to know it from you.

Candidate:  My name is “Nothing”.

Officer: What! Your name is nothing? It means you have no name.

Candidate: No-No, sir; ‘Nothing’ is my name.

Officer: Oh! I am sorry.

Candidate: I am Very Glad to know that your name is ‘sorry’.

Officer: What nonsense?

Candidate: (Taking sense as science) Excuse me sir, I am a Science student.

Officer: What’s your Qualification?

Candidate: I have passed Ph. D.

Officer: But eligible condition for this post is only Higher Secondary.

Candidate: Sir, Ph.D. means, passed Higher Secondary with Great Difficulty.

 Officer: How old are you?

Candidate: I am exactly six thousand, nine hundred, ninety-five days, and three

Hours fifty and a half minutes old.

Officer: Are you fool?

Candidate: Fool? I am not, but must be like that.

Officer:  Were you born in Punjab?

Candidate: No sir, I was born in an aeroplane while crossing the Indian Border.

Officer: You may go now.

Candidate: Am I selected Sir?

Officer: We will inform you by post.

Candidate: Thank you, Sir. But, if you are unable to select me, return my

‘Thanks’ because my ‘Thanks’ are much more valuable than the job.


Indore (India)



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