Myth of Birthstone Jewelry

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Birthstone jewelryis one kind of traditional stone of a jewelry based on one’s month birthday. Because there are twelve months in a year, so there are twelve stones, too. Take an example of diamond which is consideredthe most suitable stone jewelry of April or emerald which is considered May’s stone. Whether this is right or not, perhaps it is only jewelry seller’s trick to attract the consumers’ attention. The more the choices, the more interesting the jewelry will be.

People are free to believe such mythor not. That is their right. People who believe the myth of birthstone jewelry will buy the jewelry considering the month of the birth. Nevertheless, if they consider that every month is usual month, they will buy jewelry as they want regardless its birthstone.

According to some people, they believe the myth of birthstone jewelry as it is right. They are sure if diamond which is identical with fire and brilliance will give more bravery and genius toward the owner which was born on April. So do emerald, pearl, ruby, and many other kinds of birthstone jewelry. Above all, the more important thing is that we have to be able in balancing the jewelry price we want to buy with our purchasing power.


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