Medical Transcriptionist Department

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Medical transcriptionistis one of the most popular jobs right now. It is so because people consider it a profession having high prestige besides doctor. The presence of that occupation is to help both doctor and patient in medical records. Because it is closely related to medical science, then people consider that this kind of occupation is only undergone by high average people. It means that they belong to the clever people. Thus, it is not really surprising that parents always dream of their children to be the ones who work in medical science, including doctor and medical transcriptionist. According to them, besides helping people directly, working on such aspects is also promising. The more the patients, the more the income will be, so to speak.

Therefore, there are so many universities providing medical transcriptionist department. Sometimes, that department belongs to medical faculty because it deals with health which is also learnt by doctor. Almost all famous universities in Indonesia have that kind of department, yet it belongs to diploma degree instead of bachelor degree. The fee of enrolling that department is also expensive because the tools used for doing practice are expensive, too. It is hoped that there will be professional andmedical transcriptionist after graduating from such department.


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