Low Carb Chicken Recipes

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Dieting is never really a joy, but if you can find a diet and lifestyle plan that you find to be easier than most for you, you are more likely to stick with it and have a healthier life. Some diets are so restrictive that on one can not stay on them for very long, and others have a wide array of options that keep things interesting, tasty, and easy to stick with in the long run. Some love low carb diets and they work well for them, and some find them too boring. If you are doing the low carb thing, find some low carb chicken recipes to keep things fresh and tasty.

The best thing about a low carb diet is that you do have more variety as long as you take some time to come up with new things. Chicken is always great, but you can get bored with it really fast if you do not find some new ways to prepare it. You can find some great low carb chicken recipes, but you can also easily come up with some on your own. You can also find great websites and also cook books that have low carb options that you can use as-is, or that you can tweak on your own. If you have been doing low carb for a while, you already have the tools that you need.

Fat is not off limits in a low carb diet, in fact, it is encouraged, as long as you are eating healthy fats. The fat in chicken is not always good for you, but you can still have the skin on your chicken once in a while if you wish. Instead of going for the no-skin, bone out breast for your low carb chicken recipes, think about using other parts of the bird, or the entire bird for that matter. A simple salt and pepper chicken with the skin on is actually really good and fits right in with a low carb eating plan. Add garlic to it when baking, or any other herbs or spices that you like. Most fit with the low carb diet plan.

You can come up with your own low carb BBQ sauce. Though most of the ones you buy in the store are no-nos on a low carb plan, there are some you can make at home. The trick is to leave out the sugar. There is more sugar in most BBQ sauces that you may realize. Look around online or in a cookbook for a sauce that you can make with the sugar substitute of your choice. They may not be the same as the sauces that you are use to having, but you may find that you like them just as much. You can now add some BBQ low carb chicken recipes to your menu plan.

You can also use chicken that you have baked and seasoned with low carb safe ideas. Make a batch of yummy breast to keep in your refrigerator. You can then cut it up when you need it to add it to a salad. You can make a taco salad with the right low carb ingredients using the breast rather than hamburger. There are many great ways that you can use all parts of the bird for low carb chicken recipes that you are going to love, and that those not on you eating plan can enjoy just as much as you do.


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