Attracting Your Ideal Male Companion on a Top Dating Website in Usa

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As a woman that has used online dating sites and having met several men, I have decided to share my experiences in ways to meet the ideal man, by narrowing down thousands of choices available on the largest online dating sites.

As a member of a top dating site in the USA, these recommendations could be used also for online dating members located in Canada, UK (United Kingdom) and Australia, or quite frankly for online users located in any part of the world.

One of my first personal suggestions and most important is to ensure that you write an intriguing username when creating a membership profile on a free dating site.  Having an intriguing username is like branding or representing your sense of being; are you boring, are you exciting, are you mysterious or live life on the edge.

The second part of writing a username is to create a ‘catchy phrase’ sometimes called a tag or headline.  Ensure that you are creative and write something inspiring, or that raises curiosity within the reader.  These simple initial basic steps are going to represent your overall effectiveness on a USA free dating site.

The third point, when creating your free online dating profile is to write a meaningful description of yourself.  This is not as simply as it sounds as there is an art to writing a compelling statement, or a list of points where the reader is engaged.  The best way to accomplish this is to begin writing a general description of yourself and then narrow it down to some unique points which differentiate you from the rest of the member profiles.  Men tend not to read a lot of detail and in fact may feel that you are too talkative or demanding.  The description of yourself should be concise and written in about 1 to 2 medium sized paragraphs.  As well, do not type in all capital letter to get a point across, this is intimidating and states that you may be loud and obnoxious.  An additional point about writing your profile is to not come across as being desperate or needy, this is a complete turn off and men will definitely shy away from you. 

The fourth section when becoming a member of a free online dating website is to add images or pictures.  When adding or selecting pictures to upload of yourself, take some time and display yourself in different environments and situations.  What I mean by this, is that you want to create an atmosphere that really shows or represents your personality and who you are.  Select some pictures that are appealing and classy and mix them up with pictures where you are having fun, laughing and socializing within a group environment.  Be careful not to share pictures of your friends or acquaintances in the background unless you have prior approval for what the picture is being used for.  Worst case scenario, you may blur out the faces of people in the background if you have knowledge on how to do this or have someone that can do this for you.  

Remember, that while pictures say a ‘thousand words’ they do not necessarily represent a true indication of what a person looks like in reality.  Depending on the angle of the camera, the natural distortion from just taking a picture or even the way the picture is uploaded electronically will alter the actual representation of an individual.  So, while a picture gives a face to a name, it certainly is not an accurate depiction of what they look like in real life.  There are so many points to be covered such as, the completion of all the registration sections, going on a first date, corresponding through email, instant messenger chat, where to meet on a first date, using the favourites feature etc. that a second article will be developed to cover these points. 


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