Danube Gorge

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  Danube Gorge

After wide horizon, the monotony of the endless plains of the Hungarian steppe, where the eye is lost as a kind of sleep, after straussian Waltz, the turquoise-colored water, Baziaş – 1 KM of the Romanian Danube – the explosion is occurring in the eyes . The horizon narrowed in an instant, strangled by mountains. Balkans and Carpathians their shadows mix images suggesting geological eras.
Squat down and up until just now threw up the sky was a huge distance. The whole universe became aquatic fabulously varied polychromatic. The waters are black shadows, the air is colder and also more easily issued the flavors of plain wilted.
We see through binoculars, arrogant high water to rush, but after an hour Danube Basins discover all there at the same point . The shores of the sun break the funnels, to the idyllic meadows with flowers and streams.
And the horizon was narrow. Again frozen breath of the mountains … I took a step toward boilers. A bird is confused over the rotating mast, then disappears in the depths of the skies veiled light. He dived into the water like a cannonball.
In the place of limestone and sandstone mountains sprang that besiege us in moments. The air was cool. The day off. A gate opened suddenly behind us to heaven. We entered the boilers!
And the light show here … Rates rays penetrate through the rocky maze.
A moment later we are surprised in the midst of the storm. Everything is going on by shock, explosion. Storm boilers come with a full range of views of tropical rain suddenly.
 The air thick with close, darkening with Niagara water all around, with organ crescendo of thunder and thunder, in addition to the explosion that rocks the boat with dizzying balance with lightning reflex heaven planted in the water, magnificent trees violet and electric blue, and all-round branch huge glowing platinum.
The river has been narrower than the Detroit River. River barely exceeds – on average – 100 m.
Huge flower swirl rocks make dizzying dance.
Danube meet here the depths of the ocean (Average – 56 m) in places exceeding 200 m.
Basil Nicorovici
Sports Publishing – Tourism, Bucharest, 1982
Romania is the work of the Danube. River, which gave him not only a milestone and a landmark in the world, to be told by the Danube country, but gave particular space, sanding it down to the very last detail.
First had to shake and move the earth. Danubehas been forced to descend the mountains.
Thus arose the Iron Gates – Arch of Triumph in the new river makes its appearance in the universe.
rivers signify it, cloudy and blue, and suddenly calm, monotonous and there was music as long as there were no Iron Gates …
Drama genesis could not happen only here in this place, which bears the seal of the former seizures. The rock is striated painful as in travail.
 Until the advent of the Iron Gate Dam, Danube waters collected from the mountains, struck tenacious thresholds, regain their primordial scream that the river and has appeared in life.  The view from the Danube Doors implies in terms of elements, iron and stone colossal mountain now. A mountain is in a constant battle with well water, in harmony with it.
A mountain geometry.
From the perspective of millennia, however, are a replica Historical Gates. All around is quiet and still. Massive concrete wall, the Iron Gate Dam in the distance sees only a blank line. A line that splits the blue, the sky and the water, linking the mountains together on both sides. Are large compared to the Cosmos – Infinity and Eternity …
With little time remaining until the opening of adverse water velocity Dam beat existing records in the world. at that time, the hydropower construction.
 Beyond the concrete weirs Iron Gates remembrance you another water horizon. River – increased 10 times – has become a huge mirror reflecting the surrounding mountains and sky. To change the color and light intensity after the state time … It’s over, on the north shore, a beautiful girdle we see double volutes among large gems that shine white. On a distance of only 23 km a convergence of art works – bridges, viaducts, tunnels, whose number exceeds 100! Seen from a distance they appear like great white and brown beads that strategic mountain cliffs around the wide expanses of water.



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