Types OF Managers And Management Styles

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In addressing the type of manager is considered the starting point is the general human typology.
After Carl Jung, Swiss, there are two human types:
a) sweeping, open-minded people outside world, sweeping, externalized, the prevailing trends objectives;
b) introverts – people internalized, deep in their own world, thoughtful, reserved, the prevailing trends subjective
This polarization is diverse human types by intermediate types. You can specify in this respect these human types:
a) balanced person – thoughtful but energetic person, but with reservations adaptable, open to the outside world, but censored by the filter introspection. People are balanced leader prototype.
b) Compensation – people that extroverted and introverted types coexist only temporary, alternating with a certain periodicity. People in this category accumulates facts, observations, meditate on them, draw conclusions and verify them. Represents the type creators.
Human Type managers occurs on a daily basis by management style.
a) participatory democratic style that is clear: the concern for the achievement of company objectives without neglecting the problems of subordinates, ease in establishing and maintaining human contact, a large delegation of authority, responsibility, tact, kindness, attachment;
b) autocratic style is the style of previous negative: lack of consultation, placement in the foreground of formal authority, lack of trust in subordinates, lack of delegation, control and guidance excessive;
c) participatory style – authoritarian, frequently met in the middle shows the characteristics in the range limits set.



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