The Bounty Hunter Film Review

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Milo Boyd is an ex-cop and now works as a bounty hunter. He is thrilled when he discovers that his new job is to capture and jail his ex-wife Nicole. Nicole has broken her bail as she failed to turn up for her court hearing due to having a lead on a story for her news paper.

Milo sets off to find Nicole but all does not go to plan as Nicole asks him to help investigate the disappearance of her snitch but he does not want to. The pair are soon on the road and have a hard time trying to make it to the police station as they are being followed by people who Milo owes money to and also the witness who found out about Nicole and her story lead.

Can Milo complete his job and get Nicole to jail and what will become of their relationship now they are spending all their time together?

I have only given a very brief outline of the plot for this film so don’t think it is as basic as it sounds as there is a lot more to it but I just feel that it would be more fun for you to watch and discover the other stories which this film has to offer. I was looking forward to watching this film, mainly for the reason that Gerard Butler was starring in it as I have enjoyed all of his previous films and he is also very easy on the eye. I am very pleased to say that both me and hubby thoroughly enjoyed this film right from the start to the very end. The storyline was very good and I am glad that a lot more was added to it as it gave it a lot more depth than if it would have been a basic plot of Milo trying to get Nicole to jail. The way the story was told was very entertaining and we also had a good few laughs along the way too.

Gerard Butler played the role of Milo and he was great. He played a quite gritty character at times but we did also get to see another side of him towards the end of the film and I enjoyed seeing him in a different light. He was strong and suited the role and he seemed very at ease playing this character. He delivered all of his lines with ease and made them very believable. There was a good chemistry between him and Nicole and it made for some good fun scenes when they were having the banter and showing how much they hated each other. Nicole was played by Jennifer Anniston and she too was surprisingly good in this role. She was a hard woman at the start of the film who just wanted to get ahead with her career but as the story moved on we did get to see another more caring and sensitive side. She too delivered all her lines well and made them believable and I felt she seemed very natural in this role. I enjoyed the fact that these two character were ex husband and wife as they had a good idea about each others way of thinking and how to wind each other up and this resulted in some great laughs.

We had some good support characters in the film and some of the actors who played them included, Gio Perez, Joel Garland, Adam Rose and Dorian Missick, they were all very different and bought some depth to the story and diversity which helped make this film so enjoyable.

The film was set in America and we did get to visit a few different places along the way. The sets and scenery was all very good and realistic and I did find that the few stunts and special effects which we had were also of a high quality. There was one point in the film during one of the driving scenes when I cold clearly see that the back drop had been added but this was the only negative to the special effect throughout the whole film. The music was also very good and fitted well with the theme and storyline.

The film is classed as a comedy and I do agree with this as there are some great laughs. There is a lot of visual gags during the film but for me and hubby the real laughs came from the banter between the two lead characters. It was witting and perfectly timed and I have to give a lot of credit to the two lead actors for making it seem so natural.

The DVD does have some bonus features which include,

Join Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler on the set in Making the Bounty hunter and on location with stops along the road to learn more about shooting this hilarious comedy. Also includes the Rules for Outwitting a Bounty Hunter.

I ma not a fan of DVD extras so I have not watched these so I am not able to make comment on whether they are worth a watch or not.

The running time of the film is 1 hour and 46 minutes and I found this to be a good length with the story moving at a good fast pace from start to finish. The rate is a 12 as there is moderate violence and sex references and I do agree with this. I paid just under £ for the DVD from Amazon and I think this is a great price for such an entertaining film.

I am more than happy to give this film a good recommendation and the full 5 stars as both me and hubby thoroughly enjoyed it, the storyline is good and there are more than enough laughs to make this film worth the price tag.




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