Can Astrology Help, if You do Not Know Your Birth Details

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It is generally perceived that astrology can only help people who know their birth details. It is true to some extent as knowing the place, date and time of birth helps in constructing ones horoscope as the placement of stars at the time of birth can be easily ascertained.

 Many people are not at all certain about their birth details. They may know the place of birth, but the time or date or even both may not be known to them.

Now is astrology well equipped to deal with people facing such issues? Believe me and believe in Vedic astrology, we have sufficient tools and methods through with these issues can be addressed. Let me point of a few of them for you:

  1. Birth details of immediate family member can be useful.

  2. Birth details of distant family member can also be useful.

  3. Your date of birth only can also be great help.

  4. And lastly horary, the science which can answer most complexes of the question almost instantly does not require any of the above.

So, next time when you feel the need of consulting an astrologer and are wary of the fact that you do not have your exact birth timings, then just go to an astrologer but mind you that the astrologer should be a Vedic astrologer.

The Vedic science is so rich that dealing with issues of birth details was never a problem.

An art has also come up lately, the art of constructing the horoscope by viewing the palm. I am describing it as an art as it has nothing to do with the Vedic sciences. The method is not that accurate as it depends upon the practising experience of the astrologer and the refinement he has done on his skills.

Learned people can construct a horoscope from the lines, moulds and shape of the palm. The minicule details like the ascendant, moon sign, and the placement of different planets in the horoscope can be effectively worked out. The Vimshottari Dasha can also be judged to a certain extent. But the dependency on this art can be only to a certain extent and other tools like as described above are to be used in tandem with it.

The Prashan Vigyan or the horary is such a powerful tool that it can even amaze the non believer. It can answer and solve problem to almost all the question which can graze the human mind and that too with very good accuracy. I have instance where I find people even from Police department flock the astrologer to enquire about the missing objects/persons and object of crime etc. These visits have turned into a habit as the answer given by the astrologer benefit them.

Some instantaneous question which may not be correctly or suitably answered by normal horoscope reading can be adjudicated very effectively with the aid of Prashan Vigyan. The questions of the like, what job should be chosen, who has stolen or where is the stolen good, wellness of a patient, the capability of the doctor who is treating the patient , query of an lost person, progeny, imprisonment etc etc.

So next time you have any query in your mind, just see an vedic astrologer, he will for sure have a effective solution for your queries.

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