How To Put On Scarves This Season

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If you are someone who likes to keep up with the latest trends that are about to enter a fashion accessory that adds an extra touch to any outfit without having to purchase a brand new head to toe – that is the scarf. Because the fashion world is always moving at a rapid pace like its thin nautical striped top is now the fashion of last season and was replaced with big bold stripes.

The best part about them is that they can be picked up relatively cheaply and completely change the look of the outfit. The thickest of wool to keep warm in winter and silk or cotton helps protect you from the sun in the summer. A totally normal, such as jeans and a white shirt can be dressed in a tissue selective. Scarves are frequently used in the winter but do not have full use all year round.

Make sure to go round the neck a couple of times to create that cozy, stylish look with the use of scarf. You should wear a chunky with a plain top to not clash; the full effect of the outfit simply comes from the scarf. Therefore you should choose a chunky one with bold stripes and tie a few times round the neck to build up a volume of colour in this season. You can even draw up in folds the end that makes a completely seamless look along with make your self a little bit more snug as you brave the winter weather. When warn gathered round the neck you are not only creating a gorgeous fashion accessory but also along with this is very useful for winter protection.

To keep each end long tying the middle piece once around the neck that is one popular way of wearing the scarves. Take the end around the neck once so they fall at the front, this can even be done with a square scarf by folding the scarf in half but keeping the point in the middle at the front. However you can take it in to this spring by using brightly colored florals to really lift any outfit you know this look has been seen a lot recently with a paisley scarf. This method has been seen used by many celebrities last season, including claudier schiffer as she has taken her children to school.

The factor that makes scarfs so versatile is the hundreds of ways you can tie them. Not just round the neck but the head also. A small narrow scarf can be tied once around the neck to create a sophisticated European look, adding that bit of colour and style. Take it up around your head and tie around the back of the neck for a hippy, laid back style. This is also good for keeping your hair out of your face. An outfit can be brought right up to date with ensuring the scarf adheres to the latest styles. Coming up to this spring you want to be wearing chunky stripes and delicate florals, so this simple addition of a scarf can keep you right on trend without breaking the bank balance – something we are all in need of after feeling the post Christmas squeeze!


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