One Good Turn Deserves Another

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Ramesh looked into his bag, opened his pen box and saw that he had only five rupees note. With a look of disappointment on his face, he went back and sat in the same place, next to the lady wearing glasses and reading a book, she was still busy reading. Ramesh her little glances and thought she was lost in the book.

 Ramesh placed his bag on the bench and lifted his head to see if his bus had arrived. Just then he saw a little girl, about sis years old trying to cross the road. Her school uniform told him that she was from the school opposite his school. When Ramesh saw her trying to cross the road, he panicked.

 This was one of the busiest roads in the city with vehicles plying in both directions. He rushed to the girl, caught her hand and helped her cross the road. When they finished crossing the road, the girl’s mother came from the intersecting road and joined the girl. The girl’s mother was a little delayed in coming to pick her up, and in the meanwhile, the girl tried to go home on her own. She thanked Ramesh and blessed him when he told her what had happened. They turned and went away.

 Ramesh turned back to cross the road and get back to the bus-stop. He suddenly realized that he had left his bag at the bus-stop. Hopping the bag is still there, he tried to rush back, but there was a lot of traffic and his view to the bus-stop was also blocked.

 Finally he crossed the road and reaching the bus-stop. His bag was there! The lady wearing glasses was standing next to his bag was if she were guarding it. As soon as she saw the boy, she gave him a smile. Ramesh smiled back at her. She then hired an auto and went way.

 Ramesh noticed that there was a proud look in her eyes.

 Ramesh continued his wait for the bus. He once again looked at the man selling `origami’ books. Just then his bus arrived; he boarded the bus and went home.

 After going home, Ramesh freshened up and wanted to do his homework. He opened his bag and was surprised to see the origami book in his bag. He stood agape for a few seconds. Then his mind went back to the lady at the bus-stop who was wearing glasses, and he recalled the proud look in her eyes. Ramesh opened the book and inside it was written `Good Boy!’ Ramesh had been kind to a stranger and in turn a stranger had been kind to him.


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