The Neocube Buckyballs Zen Magnets Mania

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The actual NeoCube Is basically some sort of puzzle having a billion solutions.

And NeoCube Alpha is designed for gaming and expression and actually just happens to be excellent to reduce stress, dual hemispherical and brain stimulation and even more.

Neocubes Are Highly Addictive And So Challenging You Will Find Them Fascinating…

We Now Have The Neocube In UK It will certainly supply you with countless hours of unequaled amusement.

In their easiest form one can easily make a single file chains which in turn may be joined in order to create necklaces and bracelets which remain firmly held together simply through the power connected with magnetism.

The actual chain with magnetic ‘beads’ can conveniently be separated at any place and immediately rejoined just as like magic!

Neocube Alpha


NeoCube Alpha certainly extremely difficult to put down, therefore be aware to my warning, that small puzzle can be highly addictive.

Magnets…can there be anything at all that they can not do?

Actually, there are heaps of things that they cannot do however, that does not make these any less adequate as your desk top anxiety crusher.

A NeoCube Alpha is also extremely hard to be able to put down.

This particular magnetic puzzle is actually made up with 216 metal ball bearings plus it does not have any kind of solution, you are simply supposed to play it.

Actually, if you would like to aim to get some kind of mission you may attempt to create a cube “it certainly isn’t as simple as you would imagine”.

This might sound ludicrous, but that is seriously, REALLY obsessive.

Everyone can easily make a huge selection of totally different shapes, construct yourself a small pyramid, create a Geiger esque cute statue – simply allow your own imagination run crazy and you will practically forget you have it in your own hand.


I was always fascinated about magnets when I was a child.BuckyBalls happen to be advertised as good magnetic desktoys plus have already been featured in People, Wired, Rolling Stone, as well as Maxim.

The actual company’s is established in New York. The CyberCubes are usually produced and shipped from Ohio, and have recently been featured in the actual daily gommet.

The NeoCubes seem to be known as in fact being the potential future of puzzles and also claim being the inventors of the actual neodymium spheres concept.

Now the Zen Magnets happens to be a company established in Boulder in Colorado.


Bottom line Neodymium cubes really are a good essential desktop utility which have proven to be here to stay; these (probably) will result in a great number of hours of forgotten productivity at work.

Are they really worth it? In my opinion, I plan to at some point purchase the Mandala.

The NeoCube will certainly provide you countless hours of unequaled enjoyment.


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