Bodybuilding Supplements

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Hello everyone, well in this article i will be talking about body building supplements. This is for everybody that is into ether building muscle like crazy or just wanting to keep in shape (of course supplements does make the body, exercise does). we will talk about 3 different types of supplements, creatine, testosterone booster, and energy booster. I will not be getting to into detail about them just touching on the subjects.

First on the list is creatine. How many of you guys have used creatine or heard about anyone using creatine?Im pretty sure a lot of you have. Well creatine is a pretty universal supplement it can be use by long distance runners, sprinters, casual lifters, bodybuilders and even the jazzercise people lolCreatine works by pretty much flooding muscle cells with water (in your mind you probably have a picture of somebody with pure water in there arms but let me reassure  you that is not the case). By increasing the muscle size by ether working out or creatine on paper and in theory the heavier the muscle the more you will be able to do weather it be running or lifting. That has much debate though but what we do know it that it really helps recovering after an intense workout, and if you are just starting out working out i highly recommend that you purchase some. Most people will disagree with me but i think that when first starting out any type of result will motivate you. I remember when i first started out creatine helped me a lot in motivation seeing my body start to change was enough to make me work harder. In the end though the effects of creatine start to dwindle. Most people recommend cycling off off it. I also recommend this but there is no proof or studies to back up the fact that staying on will have any adverse side effects all in all its a pretty safe supplement.

On to the testosterone boosters or test boosters which ever you want to call them. There isn’t much to say about them. They work for some and for others they don’t get anything out of it. they mostly work for the older people as in the 35yr range and older. The younger you are the less they work, I personally tried them when i first started out they didn’t do anything they were pretty much a waste of money, and some of them actually gave me the runs (lol). I would say to stay away from them.

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for the ENERGY BOOSTERS. a lot of people take them I’m pretty sure most of you guys have tried them or thought about trying them just to get a little bit more energy than what you have. Most people think that they are getting an energy booster from them and most people do depending on how much you take. THEY are LOADED with caffeine i mean loaded. Some of them have enough caffeine to rival 3 cups of coffee. Most people think that they do no harm to them which is kind of true, KIND OF. In the long run caffeine ends up draining your adrenal glands and the more of it you take the faster it will happen. i personally don’t like to take energy boosting supplements weather it be in pill form (i.e stacker 2) or liquid form (i.e monster, 5hr energy) and yes monster is a supplement. They are good for a quick fix on rare occasions but not for a daily routine.  

Thats about it for my article about supplements. I have years of experience with supplements. I have found what works for me and what doesn’t. i can write about other types of supplements, i can write about A.A.S and PH’s if you guys are interested. Also there is an energy pill that does work if you guys want to hear about it. And its caffeine free. So comment and write me and tell me if you want more.


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