A Review of Wolves of The Calla by S. King

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The Dark Tower is the nexus of all worlds and Roland has been searching for it since he was a teenager. This is easily one of the best Stephen King novels I’ve ever read.

Wolves of the Calla begins with Roland and his at first reluctant traveling companions in Calla Byron Strurgis, a small town of Shoremen(Drovers, or farmers). Set in one of the many other worlds that the Dark Tower holds together, Roland and his Ka-tet,(Group of closely bound travelers on a quest) are called upon to stand for the White, as Mr. King calls it. It is a tale of good and evil like no other.

Roland and his friends discover they are being followed by a party from the town and agree to meet with them. During this gathering, they meet Tian, who’s the reason for the meeting. They also meet Father Callahan, the priest who knows of the other worlds and hints that he can help them find the door to the Dark Tower. The gathering is of the most important townspeople, one of whom is a wealthy, arrogant man, and the very tall robot, Andy.

During their travels, Roland’s group have had other dealings with mechanical things like Andy are immediately distrustful. The meeting reveals that the townspeople are under a curse. In this broken world, every birth provides a set of twins and once every thirty years or so, wolves on horseback come from the distant place called Thunderclap to take one of each. These unlucky children are returned weeks later on a train, roont. This is the term for the twin given back because they are not the same. They are empty headed, only capable of the barest speech and behaviors. They grow to extreme size and die within just a few years. Painfully. The meeting is the townspeople’s first attempt in three generations to fight back. But there is a rat. Two of them that Roland and his companions suspect but do not find proof on until the days just before the wolves are due to arrive.

Wolves of the Calla has a number of subplots, like the mysterious black thirteen that they use to visit other worlds while they sleep, determined to protect the rose that holds the Dark Tower. There is also a story of boyhood friends, betrayal of trust, and demon pregnancy that will keep the reader spell bound. The battle with the wolves comes after Andy the robot has been dealt with and the to her traitor is trapped by Roland’s plans. He has been gathering those in the Calls that can fight and the day of the wolves, he sets them in place and the fight begins. They win of course. This is an excellent read, five of five stars. Out of the seven Stephen King novels in this series, Wolves of the Calla is the second best. The top of the lot, is the third book, The Wastelands.


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