Natural Remedies For Yeast Infections

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Yeast Infections (candida overgrowth) are caused by an overgrowth of candida albicans.  Candida Albicans are naturally occuring in the body but can easily get out of balance from the use of antibiotics, birth control pills, diet, etc.  It can happen to women or men but is more common in women.  If you would like to try some natural cures for yeast infections, the first thing you should do is cut out as much sugar, alcohol and refined carbs from your diet as possible, as these feed the yeast.  Start taking probiotics and continue to take probiotics on a regular basis to prevent future yeast infections.  Look for a probiotic that has a couple billion active CFU that needs to be refridgerated, as that will help keep the cultures alive longer.  To kill the yeast, in combination with a low sugar or sugar free, yeast free diet you can also try one of the following remedies.

Olive Leaf Extract is a great natural cure for yeast infections.  The thing to keep in mind is that because it does cause yeast die-off…the starving and killing of the candida albicans, you might feel worse before you get better.  So if you start to feel worse while taking the Olive Leaf Extract, take it as a sign that it’s working. 

Add plenty of garlic to your diet or take Garlic capsules to help get rid of yeast infections naturally. 

Citrus Seed Extract or Grapefruit Seed Extract is also helpful in fighting off yeast overgrowth in combinition with your yeast free sugar free diet.

Oregano Oil has also proved to be beneficial.  In a 1998 Cornell study, Oregano Oil proved to be extremely effective against bacteria and fungi of all types.

To naturally relieve irritation due to yeast infection, you can eat plain yogurt or apply plain yogurt to the affected area for relief and to help cure the yeast infection.  But doing the yeast free, sugar free diet along with probiotics and another of the supplements mentioned is the best way to naturally cure yeast infections from the inside out.  Also practice good hygeine, change underwear frequently and keep area clean and dry as yeast flourishes in a warm damp environment.  Bathing in a solution of vinegar water is also a way to sooth irritation and cure yeast infections.


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