Colorado Springs: A Must See City

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Colorado is truly a state of natural beauty.  No matter how many times you drive through the mountains you will always be amazed.  Being from Colorado Springs sometimes I don’t think of all Colorado has to offer.  In life we may take many things for granted.  It is a shame that we don’t take the time to admire all the things that we have in life.  It is probably just the human aspect of us though.  

There are many wonderous sites to see in Colorado.  When you take a deep look into Colorado it is easy to see that you will get the best in many aspects of life.  The city of Colorado Springs is no different Colorado Springs is a city that is constantly growing.  It is home to just over 400,000 people and has many wonderous sites to see.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is a public park that is free for entry.  These amazing rock formations that stnd majestically out of the ground is like no other that you will see.  This is a beautiful place to spend the afternoon virtually anytime of the year.  You can take your time walking around the many trails or even go a little byond that and take in a hiking trail or two.  You can stand in amazement as you may see some expert rock climbers ascend the rocks.  This is definately a must see attraction

The United States Air Force Academy

Home to approximately 4,000 cadets the endevour to become one of the elite officers in the US Air Force upon graduation.  Here at the academy you can have a chance to see cadet life and go inside the visitor center for a closer look.  Falcon stadium is also home to the Air Force Falcons.  Air Force is a Division I school and Falcon Stadium has a capacity of about 53,000.  If you are in Colorado Springs during the College Football season go and take in a game that will surely be exciting.

Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame

This is an attraction that can serve even the best of rodeo fans.  Even if you are not a fan of the rodeo’s you can even gain an appreciation for it.  The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame is designed to help preserve rodeo memorabilia and is one of the only one’s in the United States

Pikes Peak

You can’t mention Colorado Springs without talking about Pikes Peak.  This is one of Colorado’s “great 14’ers” and has an elevation just over 14,000ft.  You are able to get to the top via the Cog Railway.  If you like to take a bigger adventure you can drive to the top by way of the Pikes Peak Highway.  There are also trails that you are able to hike to the top as well. 

Colorado Springs is a great city and when you are done visiting you can take in more of Colorado.  The Great Sand Dunes an easy drive of about 2-3 hours.  This is a great example of how versatile the state is.  You have the plains on the east end of the state then the great Rocky Mountains.  The Sand Dunes is an amazing attraction in itself. 

Denver is a city that is in a league of it’s own.  It is affectionately named the Mile High City and i will conver Denver in a later article.

Enjoy Colorado!  


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