Eco Thinking: One Step

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The Earth lives difficult era – because of us. We destroy every natural habitat. Rivers full of with crude oil, atmosphere polluted with smoke from transport or industries, animals being killed, flowers disappearing. It is a terrible vision, that seems inevitable.

Luckily there is possibility mankind may choose. We can turn the way of life and focus on hope. Green Lifestyle is possible. Here is what can we do. First of all, switch your thinking. Stop demand with lack of reason, and begin to live more spiritual life. Don’t lust for each object that is presented to you.

Knock out your energy consumption. Go for renewable energy – assess each step in your daily life. One example – you are about to buy a toy. So why to leave some solar power toys! Your kid will be thrilled, will learn some useful stuff and you will do something environmental for habitat. These gadgets are not expensive, and this is principle of Green living. To save Earth means to consume less – you will feel the spare money!

So get rid that horrible load of demand and let your spirit fly. The Earth will greet this step. However, this is just the first action, more are needed for decisive impact.


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