Excerpt: True Love

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“It’s a good sign.” She closed her eyes, didn’t move her head. “We need more of those.” They smoked in silence and Angela let the warmth and comfort of Marc’s body carry her away. She was safe with him, if only for this moment. Just her lashes fluttered when he slid an arm around her. Caught up in the good moment, Marc couldn’t resist putting a soft kiss on her smooth cheek. Real love lurked just around the corner for them, he could feel it.

“Never did I see such beauty, such courage, such passion, and such fear in her eyes. The lonely heart demands and the mind refuses, but the body, the core, pulses with need.” He continued to speak his hearts poetry as they relaxed in clean jeans and matching Marine sweatshirts.

“Never did I see such hair. Dark as the night and lips of real love, red as a rose. A body that tempts me, begs me, and blue eyes that follow me into my dreams and beyond. Forgive me these careless slips of shameless flattery, for I cannot explain in mere words what you mean to me. Hold to the truth, to your heart, to real love, to us.” Angela let her head rest against his chest, pushing away the voice screaming of right and wrong. 

“It’s beautiful.”

“It’s the way you make me feel, what you make me see. My life was so empty without you.” She nodded. Hers too. Other than her son, she’d had no one she could love and trust for a very long time, and when he wrapped his arms around her, she relaxed against him, the long day wearing her down. ‘Don’t lie to yourself.’ Her heart scolded and she faced it this time, too aware of the man behind her to deny it. He was the only one who’d ever understood her, what she needed, and when he kissed her jaw again, she closed her eyes and said nothing to make him stop. Real love was something she had longed for over the cold, hard years.

“You smell good.” He mumbled against her neck, sweet vanilla assaulting his senses, and the feel of his lips on her skin sent an unexpected shiver of pleasure into her stomach.

“Are you cold?” He asked, tightening his arms around her, and Angela flushed, nodding so he’d pull the blanket around them and make their innocent embrace more private, romantic.

   Aware that things were going fast, knew tomorrow she’d probably be standoffish again, Marc wrapped the quilt around them anyway, pulled another cover over their legs, and as he wrapped himself around her, Angela slipped her hand into his. Marc sucked in a breath at her movement, heart thumping at the feel of her, and they snuggled together in silence, both very aware of the other, yet content to just be so close.

   The day caught up to her quickly and when Angela was asleep in his arms, Marc gently laid them down, pulled the covers up. He cradled her, loving every second of having her so close, and as he buried his face in her hair, he placed a long, slow kiss to her neck that gave him chills and sent her eyes flying open. Marc put his head down, forcing himself to stop despite how hard it,(he) was.

“Night, honey. See you in the morning.”

“Yes, you will.” She mumbled groggily, already falling back to sleep and he joined her, the wolf at their feet. They would face their demons together when the time came. That was real love.

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