Excerpt: Flash Fiction

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She was being followed and her heart pounded. Echoes. Outnumbered.

Her steps faltered and she took a quick look over her shoulder but the street was in darkness except for a dim, moon. She moved a bit faster, certain it was the four men from the stadium. She had only wanted a moment’s escape from the thousands of tensely beating hearts crammed into the Super Dome and instead, had found a young girl’s abused body and her attackers standing nearby. When she had fled, they had followed. Now, they were getting closer.

The streets of New Orleans were covered with debris, empty except for branches and power lines, and the footsteps on her trail changed. They had split up, she realized, trying to surround her. She walked faster. She was a witness. They could not leave her alive. She began to run again and hit something heavy.  Sweet blood dripped as she pushed herself up and began running through the darkness.

A shape on her right made her spin left again,  glass crunching as heavy footsteps echoed closely. She threw herself over a high fence, hit the ground again, feeling dazed from the impact.

She heard them close in, and then she was surrounded, looking up at four leering murderers. Her open cloak revealed a short dress over pale skin, and the air shifted. Their eyes darkened with need. Shadows moved silently in the darkness as the first man knelt in the mud, unseen hands reaching for his companions, and as he dropped his body onto hers, the woman slid her hands around his neck.

“Closer.” She whispered hungrily, lips searching, and then she was plunging her fangs into his alluring skin and he was screaming, bleeding. Her grip was stone, relentless, and the shrieks of the other men echoed as the small family of hunters fed.

The woman belched loudly and giggled as she pushed the body over and staggered to her feet, intoxicated with her meal. Hunting during the aftermath of human suffering was the best. Few lights, no authorities patrolling, and best of all, a perfect food supply. Tragedies brought out the worst in humankind and with no one to protect their rights, these remorseless killers were finally getting what they deserved.

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