Why Easyphone Is A Smarter Choice Than Smartphone For Some People

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Smartphones are known to help technology-dependent people. With its ability to offer Internet access, mp3 player, games, and loads of other applications, no other phone can be better for the modern man. However, what if you are not part of the group of people who needs all the sophistication and applications inside a Smartphone? Will you be willing to spend too much for it or struggle using it without you getting every penny you spend buying it?

This is where the Easy phone comes in. This works in contrast with Smartphones because an Easy phone is something that is just your average mobile phone. It is something very simple, basic, convenient, cheap, and easy.

Who needs an Easy phone?

People who really need the services of a Smartphone are those who have business-on-the-go. These are people who travel often but require to have constant access to their email and other web applications.

However, if you are a person who is just looking forward to use a cell phone for calling and texting alone, an Easy phone is a great choice. This is also true for kids who need a starter phone, technophobes who fear about the use of high-tech gadgets, and seniors who find it hard to operate a gadget like a cell phone.

Why pick Easy phone over Smartphone?

There are a lot of reasons why Easy phone might be more clever choice than a Smartphone. The number one thing here is the price. An easy phone will cost you less than a hundred dollars while a Smartphone will cost you 400 dollars or even more. This is not to mention yet the maintenance expenses of a Smartphone as well as its data plans, call and text plans, software download fees, and the like. Hence, an Easy phone is always a more practical choice especially if you do not have real serious needs of all the services of a Smartphone.

Also, an Easy phone will not give you the security risks associated with a Smartphone. Due to application download, viruses can easily get into a Smartphone and offer threats such as stealing personal information, piling up both your call and data plans, and a lot of other mess.

How will you know if you are making the right choice when it comes to picking between an Easy phone and a Smartphone? The answer is fairly simple all the time. Analyze your needs first in a phone. If you think Smartphone is a luxury rather than a need, you know that getting an Easy phone is a smarter choice for you.


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