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Small Business Online Marketing and Advertising

In the past, only big corporations carried out high-priced online marketing. Small local business didn’t see a need for internet publicity, but the times have changed. But now, searches for local businesses or small corporations have replaced the white and the yellow pages. At present, if your local partnership or business is not found on page one of a Search Engine Results Page, (SERP), your local partnership or business may not live to tell the tale.

The purpose of this article is to present some of the options on hand to local establishment and local establishments for advertising or campaigning online on the internet. These can be categorized as internet ad postings on classified ad sites, video infomercials, making a website and making it visible to the public, setting up your Google Places account, and harnessing the power of social networks.

Paid Ad Postings

Free and paid classified ads posting can be very rewarding if done right or a total waste of time and money if not accomplished in a marketing friendly way. The two most popular free classified ad sites are Craig’s List and Backpage. Each of these sites allows text and graphic ad postings, and both allow html. Since the majority of local business or small firm owners do not possess an understanding of the html language obligatory to fabricate visually appealing ads, the greater part of the advertisements are very boring text advertisements. The sad part of this development is that commonly, the words in the ads are very spider friendly, resulting in a page one SERP which should be great, information because when opened by the searcher they are presented with uninteresting text, and they immediately depart the page. Possible customers find these ad postings, and open them to find a boring black and white bunch of text. These ads rarely have much if any advertising principles contained within them such as clickable links to more information! This means that these ads are not likely to convert into sales. Those potential consumers immediately leave without even finding out what was there. There is no doubt that these free classified ad web pages create very good traffic. It is imperative that the small corporation or the small learn how to write these ads so that they grab the reader’s attention, and which have a strong call to action to cause the reader to convert.

Videos are another Search Engine

YouTube could be as strong a marketing and advertising venue as Google itself; many searchers only search videos! Citizens love to watch video. Marketing by video can be a very fruitful means of driving traffic to your small firm. Although YouTube is the largest and most well-liked video site, it is by far not the only video posting site, there are scores of them; and video can be hosted on your own sit or any other hosting site. Video posting sites are powerful, as you can manufacture a video infomercial in minutes and immediately have it sending your special message 24/7. The powerful video tools and posting options today equal or exceed the power of high impact television advertisements. It is probable to create a clickable good looking graphic ad for Craig’s list or Backpage which bring people off of those sites to a video running on your own website, complete with all of the available advertising and marketing principles in place! In this way you are on a page that you control, there are no YouTube competing videos, and you can have a lead capture form and other marketing material on that site. A typical Faux clickable ad (embedded code is not allowed on Craig’s list or Backpage advertisements) can be had for about $500 and it can be used over and over again. Don’t have a site to host the video, don’t worry these same professionals are able and happy to host the video and your other marketing material for about $25 per month.

Producing a Small Business Optimized Webpage

This is one of the most influential tools obtainable to local company owners, but not the only one by far. Specialists can assist you in selecting a proper domain after conducting extensive local company associated keyword string research to find search terms which contain a relatively large volume of monthly traffic, and which are within your competitive resources to grasp a slot on page one of a SERP. Consultants can promote correctly selected high volume competitive keywords to land on page one of the SERP, which results in consistent traffic to your website. This can be done for as many or as few keyword terms as you choose. Numerous local corporations start the SERP optimization process, SEO, with one or two keywords and finance more keyword phrases as they can from the resulting increased cash flow.

Google Places is Powerful

Possibly the first thing that a Local Business proprietor ought to do is to set up their Google places account. Google Places is the new name for Google Maps. Setting up your Google places account is so vital that I advise you to seek expert help; it will result in financial rewards to you. Google places is so powerful that it can and will push SERP page one results over to SERP page two results; a death trap. When your teardrop Google Places icon happens on page one of Google, just listen for the sound of the cash register.

Social Networking Yields Small Business Revenue

Social media is fast becoming a tool for all businesses. Savvy businesses advertise their Facebook and Twitter links to attract more loyal customers. Social media is the new WEB 2.0, and it is going to overtake all other advertising venues on the internet. Small business and local business owners who know how to set up and maintain a dynamic Facebook profile can benefit from exponential growth. Social media marketing are extremely important and very powerful small business and Local business marketing venues, so much so that they require a dedicated article. Stay tuned!


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