What Causes Anorexia

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Anyone who has been keen about the events surrounding the American actress Mary -Kate Olsen must have at one time asked themselves this question; how much does Mary- Kate Olsen weigh? This most definitely must have been sometimes in 2004 when she appeared thinning to nearly an emaciated state. Mary-Kate Olsen had been struggling with this condition for a considerable long period when she finally accepted to speak about it openly and seek help from experts. A definite cause of anorexia has never been discovered. While some Specialists argue that this eating disorder is majorly catalyzed by factors which include low self esteem, tendency towards obsessive compulsive behavior or external pressure from friends or family members to be thin, others attribute this to psychological disorders such as serotonin. The sufferers of this condition tend to starve themselves or exercise excessively to lose weight. This continues to extents that they completely appear emaciated. Some will eat and then force themselves to vomit or use laxatives. It is often speculated that women are more likely to develop an eating disorder than men. This is because women all over attribute slimness to beauty. Aspiring models and stars find themselves sunk deep into eating disorders while trying to control their weight. In most the western world, being fat is equated with ugliness, lack of success as well as lack of self control. this results to some people such as fashion models in the struggle to conform to the perfect body result to starving themselves. It is the conflict that arises between the actual and the perfect body that causes this eating disorder. In most cases teenagers are susceptible to acquire this disorder since they are more vulnerable to social and peer pressure. This consequently explains why this condition is rampant among youths. Related closely to social and peer pressure is a theory which argues that family dynamics can contribute to eating disorders in teens. It is speculated that most anorexics come from families with high levels of control and rigidity. The health of teens may be affected by this since it is during this age that a person needs to assert independence arises. The eating disorder can then be as a result of trying to assert self control over their bodies as well as asserting independence from the family. A teenager suffering from this disorder can acquire other problems that are associated to this which include growth retardation and a delay in physical maturity.


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