Get Married Why?

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People get married for a hell of alot of reasons dont they.  Any excuse will do right? I love him Daddy! He is the man of my dreams. Ha ha Ok! If you only knew what was a head of you. First off you will want tro know the person that you are thinking of getting married to very well.

Because chances are you are going to get divoriced. I love the girls that just do not see the blinding statics of divorice in this country. Its all of our faults. Sure it is. Who can we blame but ourselfs.Your parents were probably divorced just like mine. You probably have simular attidues diet and lifestyle as your parents am I correct?

Well some people do not . But plenty do. They are doing the same crap that their parents did. Then wondering why they are failing miserably in life. Just like mommy and daddy. Hey I see it in every walk of life rich or poor. Same crap different different house.

For me I didnt like my parents lifestyle or their additudes they just didnt serve my purpose in life. So I set out to change the way I was taught. I wanted to create my own reality as much as I was able to. It can be difficult if you have been filled with a bunch of crap all your life.

You will want to start slow and get to know yourself better. I am serious about this. Most people I know do not even know why they feel a certain way about something. Well thats the way my mom felt about it. See what I am saying.  Before you even thing about marriage you have to grow up and stop acting and thinking like a child.  You have to think about the other person and how they might feel about what you are doing and saying.

Its not all about you anymore even though you want the marriage to be all about you. Its is not. Its a partnership.  A partnership that will survive if you consider your partner first before you speak or act. Always act with love.


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