What is Cash Gifting/leveraging? Is it Legal?

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What is Cash Gifting / Cash leveraging?

 Gifting is simply a matter of individuals helping other individuals. The underlying concept is that when people are willing to help other people in an organized fashion, lives can be enhanced in a positive way.

 Ideally, look for a Cash Leveraging program that has been designed as “turn-key” and as “hassle-free” as possible. As well as a mentor that has a strong internet presence and more importantly is willing to train you as to how to replicate what they have done.

 What exactly is a Cash gifting Program?

 Gifting is a private concept being embraced by individuals in private groups and has been around since Jesus was walking around. Private gifting does not involve Business or Commercial activity. It is not Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing. There are no Investments, or Securities Trading, or Business transactions involved what so ever. Cash gifting Programs are simply just a club to belong to.

 What is the concept behind Cash Gifting?

To express kindness to one another we give each other gifts, and we do this in private. Individuals share their wealth with their families, friends and just who ever at their own digression. Governments all over the world allow this practice. A really great example of private gifting is Habitat for Humanity. Everybody gets involved with there own materials, talents, and time, just to build someone a new home. They all work together to bless someones life, some with hammers and nails, some with a monetary gift, the point is they all do this to bless someone.

 How does the gifting activity work?

A basic concept is shared among Gifters, ” all things must be done in order”. You have heard of the phrase: “When you give you shall receive”. This is plain old ” you reap what you sow”. Are you starting to get the concept yet? When you give someone a gift you will start receiving gifts. The bottom line is there are no hierarchy of individuals who have the advantage over new participants in a Cash gifting Program.

 Cash gifting Program is not a pyramid scheme.

Cash gifting program is not a pyramid scheme! Only a Company or a Business can be a pyramid scheme. Cash gifting Programs are not Companies, just a private sharing clubs. There are no sales quotas. There are no positions. There is no base at the bottom that widens and keeps going, and there is nobody at the top. Everybody is equal, period.

 What ARE Cash Gifting Laws?

YES, all kinds of people, civic groups, and churches have participated in organized gifting for over 300 years. Laws state it is Legal for individuals to exchange gifts. The concept of private gifting is based upon the fact that both American and Canadian citizens have the Constitutional right to gift property, cash and other assets, and are subject to the rules and regulations established by the laws. The U.S. gifting rules are found in the IRS Tax Code, Title 26, Sections 2501-2504 and 2511.

 What Are The Cash Gifting Facts?

 1. There is no “company” behind it: An interesting part of gifting to me is that there is no one above you that can decide the future of the activity. It is simply normal people, informing others about the right we all have to share and gift property, assets, cash etc. to others if we so choose. A real gift is one that is given freely without coercion, and with no expectation of any return or consideration within the Gifting laws and rules set forth by legislation and consitutional rights.

 2. There are no products to promote. Gifting generates cash. It’s a very simple concept for people to understand. Cash Gifting is NOT a business, and is not portrayed as such.

 3. You can start on a small budget

 The core principle is powerfully simple…

 “To help others first, in order to help yourself. To take control of your own financial well being and not be so dependent on other forces, traditions and systems that continue to fail you.”

 To Your Success,

Rob Sevilla – Cash Gift Trainer




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