How to be a Parent

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 It has always been funny to watch people treat their children like they were treated as a child. You know most of the parents that I talk to treat their kids just the same as they were treated and they didnt like it. What kind of sense does that make. My mother used to make us eat all of our food, if we didnt eat it it was their the next morning. Well certain foods made me ill when I was a child and I was very well aware of it. I am not going to eat any food that makes me ill. So I tool the punishments. Thats how it was in the 50s. People spanked their kids for messing up. We were threatened and basicly beat like dogs.

Oh and you thought I was going to sugar coat it right? Nope. That was just the way most of the people treated their kids. It was an acceptable form of dicipline. Well I didnt accept it and it didnt help to control my habits. I am an independent sort of soul and I will not have anyone telling me what to do and how to do it. Even if it was my Mom telling me. Not going to happen! You see I do know the difference from right and wrong and I also did as a child. I also was aware of what a lie was at a very early age. I believe we all are.

Even though most of our parents make a habit of lieing to their children daily, this will not culminate trust in your kids. They know that you are a lier even if they dont say it. You know who you are , the ones that justify all their little white lies with some kind of BS reasoning. You are the average person, thats right. Most people are living a lie everyday of their lives. They look in the mirrior and lie to themselfs everyday and it doesnt stop because they are teaching their kids to do the same. Look around a bit and you will see. Certainly I do not have to give you examples, these people are everywhere.

It is really important to be honest with your kids. Sure there are somethings that might be hard to tell them. Talking about sex etc. But you are a parent your job is to make sure that your kid is informed. Make sure that that kid goes out in the world with the tools that will help him survive. If you teach your kid to be honest he may have a more diffucult time dealing with society in general. Because our society is built on lies and deciet. Truth is not well accepted in society today. But it would seem that is the only way out of the mess that you are in.

#1. Tell your children the Truth as you see it.

#2. Encourage them to read.

#3. Always be there for your kids.

a. Your profession is NOT more important than your children.

#4. Love you children as you wanted to be loved as a child.

#5. Build trust through honesty and love


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