Bikes And Accessories

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More and more people that I know start biking. Instead of going to a gym for practicing, biking provides a more colorful and enjoying activity with friends and with family.

People that are into biking make distinction between several types of biking and bikes: Road bikes, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, hybrid bikes, street bikes, and so on.

For beginners it might be confusing to consider what bike to use, and what type of biking to practice. Moreover, it is most confusing to choose the right and appropriate accessories for a certain type of biking.

The best way is to ask your already experienced friends about the proper bike and proper accessories that are needed. Do not fully rely of the experts at the various bike shops, as they have different interests than yours.

Also, there is no need to start neither with the best bike nor with a full set of accessories. It is recommended to start with the minimal necessary items, letting yourself adapt to the new bike and accessories, understand what is proper specifically for you, and then enhance your inventory.

There are some items that are considered as “must to have”, and therefore should be paid attention to.

The first important item is a good helmet. This is important regardless of the type of biking you practice, either mountain biking, street biking, or anything else. In some places a helmet is forced by law. Anyway, avoiding a helmet may end up with serious injuries, and even death. One must use a helmet.

Another item that can increase safety is a pair of gloves. Gloves provide protection to your hands, and enhance your comfort. Better to use a full glove that covers the hand fully, rather using a cut-fingered glove.

And then you need to choose the right apparel. This includes choosing the right short pants, (better with pads), the right shoes that increase your paddling power, and that fit to the clipped or clip-less paddles of your bike.

One might want to increase safety by using specific eye-protecting glasses, enabling to ride at ease, with no fear of sudden dust or small particles penetrating one’s eye.

For long rides, and even for shorter ones, a rider may carry bottle of water. For this you need a dedicated, easy to reach, bottle pack.

Many riders ride in groups. This increases the fun and safety. Lonely riders, as well as group riders, should make sure they have the necessary repair kits, to overcome damages encountered during rides, specifically in far sites.

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