Travel Insurance Basics

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Travel insurance is known as insurance contracts, which cover various risks related to travel. A travel insurance covers rebooking transfer costs in the amount covered by the contract, if a trip can be rebooked for certain reasons.

While a trip cancellation insurance covers those costs incurred when a trip is canceled for some reasons. It will return, depending on insurance costs and cancellation fees for the remaining journey in full or partial reimbursement.

A travel insurance protects the insured against medical costs that may arise abroad in the event of a disease. A repatriation of the insured following a serious illness or accident can also be covered by travel insurance. Additional costs covers the insured in the event of sickness, accident or death of the insured, a companion or a family member.

It can include provision of additional living expenses (due to illness and can not go home) or extra travel costs (due to illness of a family, the holiday will be abandoned and a more expensive flights are booked), a plaster flight home or a helicopter rescue.

Some of the events usually covered by cancellation insurance include death, serious illness or serious injury of an insured.

As well as accident, pregnancy of or partner of the insured, material damage to property of insured (his house or company where he works, such that his presence is urgently needed). The insured through the medical opinion of a doctor can undergo a mandatory vaccination for travel.

The insurance also spreads to the unexpected failure to obtain a required travel visa, the failure of the insured to use private transport by which the foreign trip would be made, or loss or theft of travel documents required for travel insurance on the day of departure. Always read the policy conditions carefully.

Baggage is the most famous section, it is covered against virtually every event. A baggage insurance covers lost luggage while travelling under certain conditions (eg monitored baggage) up to an agreed threshold.  The conditions include the provision that the theft of luggage will be reimbursed only if proper care has been observed.

A comprehensive travel insurance comes with a year-round duration. Every trip that needs to be insured enjoys automatic coverage. Travel insurance usually has a basic coverage of your choice, and can be extended by one or more additional cover. The size of the basic coverage can vary greatly between different insurers.



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