Present Moment Awareness is The Key !

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We all are in search of a clue that can show us the surest way to achieve desired things in life. But it is eluding enough to the extent of giving rise to a lot of confusion in understanding the true nature of the forces at play. We can analyze and hypothesize our past acts, deeds and resolutions but can never change them because the grand design of universe does not allow us to do so. Seemingly neither we can have control over the future happenings.  These two apparent universal facts severely limit the ability of mankind to change the given plight. In search of the clue, closer inspection of different dimensions of time is needed. As we have conceptualized above, Past and Future both do not qualify to be our clue. In between, Present yearns to throw some hope. Commonplace experience is this that   only we have command over the moment which is passing by. Any choice made is made in a moment. Any decision taken is always taken in now, in present not in past, not in future. Closer look to these nuances of time would reveal the hidden clue.

As the matter of fact time is an eternal entity with continuum unfathomable. Cyclical nature of things poses linearity on a tiny portion of curved space that again arch back to the initial point making it circular. Starting of a moment, just fusing with coming moment to become future and just shedding the present moment to make it past is the whole gamut of the time continuum.

 If we cannot change our predicament why should we not accept it as it is?  This is the natural query of igniting mind.   The passing moment or now seems to be the portal to fathom the clue. At mental level we have total command over this moment.  I am writing these words right now and have absolute command over this moment either for continuation of writing or for abandoning it and leaving it unfinished. Very close attention is required to make out the uniqueness of this situation. Now, at least we have actual command over something which is always eluding and fleeting. This command is only over a moment but it actually is and it is absolute. It does not depend on past or on future.  

Any decision taken at this moment has potentiality to affect future happenings. One has decided to learn French at this moment and started attending French classes in neighborhood. One is completely situated and submerged in this moment which is merging with the coming moment, which again is merging with the coming moment and so on. It is chain like reaction propagating to infinity. If the decision taken and effort put for its completion is unwavering from moment to moment the desired outcome is bound to happen at any point of time in future but at that time it will always be present and passing moment. The present moment awareness is the key. It is the clue. So in a surest way we have command over future through present moment. We have command over now and if every passing moment is passing according to our choice then undoubtedly it empowers us to create the world of our own choice.  It is the manifestation of personal creation. 


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