Expectations of a Strong Voice Secrets

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If you pay a special emphasis in the singers of great quality, it is possible to be begun to demonstrate that to consider all the singing use of sounds, they can be developed and the roar in the distance. Only a few happy people with the sound of the natural resources in height that the projects of the distance, but by the exercise of projection of the suitable voice exercises, you can have a strong voice and powerful that the projects. voice projection is a function of the use of the sound and high precision. And it activates like means to attract the attention and the esteem of the room. The teachers and to use in a classroom to gain the attention of the students. Actors and singers to listen to the sound clearly a strong projection in great spaces like theaters. By the way, the weeping is not the same voice was reduced. In case of note rarely it is used in the song. Shouting it can cause serious damages to the vocal cords. When people shouted, and the air pump through the larynx. This is the main reason to create nodules voice, that is an essential condition that requires a physical therapy for a surgical correction. When no voice as a result of the projection? Whenever it sings note so that his vocal cords to develop a certain amount of pressure until the vocal cords, and the limitation of the air are abran taken to create a note of music. The notes were made more visible more using the power of air pressure in the vocal cords. Also Abierto the vocal cords of the fastest way to solve the fastest air. Generally, whichever major is the volume of the air with a high pressure in the hole faster than the vocal cords. The low volume that threw the pressure of the air and to reduce the opening of the vocal cords. Along with an air pressure voice strong projection, and the opening of the rate of cable of audio. One is not specifically the amount of air that is breathed, and therefore we suggested does not have to cry. How to develop a projection of the voice more hard? Our objective like means for a projection of the voice more hard, must from the beginning to fortify muscles of the larynx. box of the voice is the vocal cords while it sang, and a possible great capacity and the size of the projective one tightening muscles. If the muscles extra hard box of the voice and will help to develop an air him of high pressure, that produces the highest notes. And directly it is related to a fortified position for his drop of associate voice. It can be exerted, a process directed to the creation of a healthful position to fortify his projection of the voice to take advantage from concentration Switzerland the rubber Ball exercise that talked about any store of equipment of the local aptitude. Arrodíllese in the floor, with view to the Swiss rubber ball. To incline forwards until its stomach in the ball. It puts the feet in the ground behind him. it must put the two hands in the ground. It places his hands behind the later part of the head. Raised by the loss of the back, until the whole body in an air line from the feet to the end. It lowers the body slowly. It repeats ten times. The application of the 3 groups of 10


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