The Day I Left Facebook-Part 3

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I probably shouldn’t make myself feel too bad about not being able to make up my mind about permanently leaving facebook. The reason why is because it has only been a couple days, 5 in fact. However, it seems that things are seriously looking up. I don’t think about facebook every time I get on the computer. Yes, of course I still do sometimes, but definitely not as much as I did before. It seems, however, that I have not been able to communicate with my friends at school as fluently as I could have preferred. Texting and skyping sort of work, but it doesn’t provide the same experience as being on facebook does. Even though I had once thought that I really had nothing to do on facebook, I feel like now, I have proven myself wrong.

Facebook seems to have much more than just the chat function, which I primarily use facebook for. Now, I realize that facebook had become my secondary life. This was because facebook had pictures, videos, and statements created by people that I knew in real life, and somehow I depended on facebook to catch up on my real life friends. Could this mean that I have depended on facebook one of my primary ways of communicating with my peers? Because if this is the case, that means that I am not living a healthy social life, so to speak. Maybe I’m just making all of this up, and I’m not a psychiatrist so I have no idea if any of these things that I think make any scientific sense. Well, I still have 9 days and we’ll just have to see how things go.


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