Lexus Launches CT 200H

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Lexus Launches CT 200h

 Japanese Lexus in to add your own fresh hybrid cars CT 200h in the Japanese model line with objective of improving the number of vehicles sold in the domestic market. Of course, the first preface company in the premium compact sector will be seen by low rates in Japan, which start at 3.55 million yen and will reach 4.33 million yen (about $ 42,600 to $ 52,000).
 However, initially created with the wishes of European consumers CT 200h in addition paved its way to North America, and later in China and other powers that have the potential to be added to this list. There will be a means to implement a car in Kazan, whether and in other cities until the same ignorant. Perhaps in the United States Lexus CT 200h sold at a cost of $ 29,120.
 In addition five door hatchback from Lexus arranged a hybrid that Prius, – 1,8-liter Atkinson, working in a duet with an electric motor and nickel-metal hydride batteries and a generator.

Lexus announced today that the results of 10-15 tests, carried out the Japanese Ministry of Environment, infrastructure, transport and tourism, have shown that the fuel efficiency CT 200h composes 34 km / l (or 2.9 liter. / one hundred kilometers), and the level of carbon dioxide gas is equal to 89 grams /
Kilometers These automaker, Lexus CT 200h from 0 to one-hundred miles per hour faster at 10.3 seconds, with all this speed limit composed of 180 km / h. It seemed company said that in Japan it proposes to implement within the 1500 hatchback Lexus CT 200h per




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