25 Articles And 30 Cents Later…

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Honestly speaking, I don’t work very hard on writing articles. Not because I hate writing, it’s because I want to get as many out as possible instead of working a lot on one. Still, I try to make my articles as quality as I can make them. However, something isn’t right. I’ve been doing good work, but, I’ve only earned a whopping 30 cents! What gives, bukisa? 30 cents can’t even buy me half a reese’s peanut butter cup (not the king size one, just the regular tiny reese’s cup thing that comes in a package of two)! Something must be wrong. Is it me? Is it bukisa? Or is it our newfound enemy who’s name cannot be named. Hint, name starts with ad, and ends with sense. I think you know what I mean.

I joined bukisa right when bukisa was integrating with google adsense. Lucky me. I had heard from fellow bukisans that before, you generated revenue from clicks on an article. 1000 clicks got you a certain amount of money, and at the end of the month, if your profits exceed ten dollars, you get a nice check for something that inevitably should be over 10 dollars. When I joined, they had a new plan. Basically, people from adsense put ads all over your writing. If somebody clicks on an ad, then you get money. Right away, I could see how this could be a problem for me, and possibly a lot of other people as well. I was afraid that this change would make me very little money. So far, it looks like I’m pretty much right.

People like reading articles. I like making money from people reading my articles. This is not the case now. People must click on advertisements on my writing, so I make money not from writing, but from commercial means. Seriously, though. 300 people could read one of my articles, but which one of those is going to want to look at some revolutionary teeth whitening tool that costs like 200 bucks? Somebody might want to read my article about me leaving facebook, but they don’t realize that for them to help me make money, they have to look at some weird acai berry stomach cleansing liver exfoliant stuff. Maybe some people may want to look at those, and this is true because at least I’ve gotten 5 clicks on my pages. However, as we can see, 5 clicks hasn’t made as much money as I’d hoped. I have to say that I have made some money, but let’s do the math. I’ve earned 30 cents from five clicks, which means it’s 6 cents a click. Let’s pretend I’ve been on bukisa for a month, or 30 days for those month day amount enthusiasts who say that the number of days depend on which month. 30 cents for 30 days means that I’m making a penny a day. I can make more by picking up change off of the street.

Maybe I’ll click on my own ad to see what happens. Ad to the sense says that doing this could do very bad things to you. I don’t know what, but they certainly do have me scared. Maybe they have the ad hooked up to some nuke thingy that will blow up the entire universe if I happen to click on my own ad. That wouldn’t be good, now would it. All for 6 cents. Anyways, the month is almost over now, and the a word only pays you if your revenue exceeds 100 bucks. Unless a couple of people go to my articles and have an ad clicking frenzy, then I don’t think I’ll get to the 100 bucks mark until the year 2112, in which case the money would be totally useless, because of obvious reasons. But I have to say, I’m getting a lot of views, and most of them from google, actually! It turns out that people I don’t even know are actually looking at the stuff that I’m writing, and, well, that makes me feel better. Perhaps I should write 10 articles a day like those people on bukisa who actually make money, but then at the same time, I am not an idea machine, so I don’t think I’ll be capable of achieving that. Perhaps some day a person will click on a jackpot ad and I will become a billionaire tycoon with 20 houses and unlimited girlfriends. We’ll just have to see, now don’t we.


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