Luxurious New to The French Citroen

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Luxurious new to the French Citroen

Company Citroen goes, though not on the fresh market, although with a fresh line of cars-class golf DS, which will be able to compete with the famous MINI. Of course, the first formal model presented in the lineup Deesse – Citroen DS3. However, is followed in the footsteps of small-sized model of DS4 and a great mid-size car DS5. Then the first new release could behold in our magazine or personally at Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 in early September.
        Maybe earlier in the past year, in Geneva the firm managed to demonstrate the concept Citroen DS Inside Concept, about him we were writing more closely. Furthermore So nice novelty is that the bulk of the elements and the image of the concept remained in the production model hatchback DS3. It seemed, from the concept of fresh release differs only in having an antenna on the roof and central air intakes in the front bumper (on a concept he doubled).

       Certainly aggressive appearance hatchbackis unique, and exterior to a tee copies a hatch Citroen C3. However, like MINI, Citroen, used for personal visitors to the probability of “customization” car purchasing. Anyway In the list of additional equipment can meet a set of expanding the body, 4 different colored roof (dark, snow-white, blue and red), and another shining mirrors and spoiler.
       Perhaps the addition of the six varieties available trim options for the dashboard and the combination of materials for panels duct function monitor, the central tunnel and the gear stick. Finally, the length of the DS3, erected on the modified platform, Model 3, composed 3.95 m, width – 1,71 m height – 1,46 m and the size of the trunk equivalent to 285 liters.
       It seems that the first wave of production yields for the premium hatchback class 2 not environmentally hazardous diesel HDi engine capacity of 90 and 110 horsepower, and 3, created in conjunction with BMW, 1,6-liter gasoline engines rated 95, 120 and 150 horsepower (final – turbo). I hope all aggregated motors 5 and 6 speed manual transmission.

      Thus, in the European retail Citroen DS3 was seen in early March 2010 and will be competing not so much cars MINI, because small-sized and Alfa Romeo. So, other premium models DS4 and DS5 will be seen in 2011 and will be based on the platform Citroen C4 and C5 in accordance with it.


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