Metals Used in The Electrical Domain

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Copper metal are mostly used for electronic purposes. It is considered to be the purest variety among other alloy metal. Copper is modified into a different shapes and sizes through various processes. Various technical methods are involved in manufacturing copper wires which ensure its quality.

Copper wires are manufactured in various forms bare copper wires, copper strips, bare copper strips, brass wires etc. Each of these varieties of copper wire requires different processing in their manufacturing as they need to be put to different use. Bare copper wires are manufactured for enduring vibrations and expansion. Different specifications are ordered by different consumers which the manufacturers and exporter follow to make ropes out of these wires. Another important usage of copper is in manufacturing wire gauges that are largely use in measuring the diameter of wire. Copper wire gauge determines the amount of electric current that can be safely carried. It also measures electrical resistance and weight per unit of length.

Tin copper wire is used in much the same manner as plain copper wire and also for the same applications. The difference is that the tin coating on tin copper wire helps protect the copper from oxidation, reduces wear and protects the wire from the elements. Tin copper wire is hardened and then coated in tin, either by a hot-dip process or electroplating.

Another importantmetal of electrical application is aluminium. Aluminium rods and wires are also considered to be important for industrial applications right from aircraft industry to fabrication and civil construction. There are large variety of aluminium rods in different thicknesses, diameters, width and are resistant to corrosion and can easily bent and form.

Aluminium is excessively used nowadays, and the uses of the metal are extremely diverse due to its many incomparable combinations of properties. This metal is naturally resistance to corrosion unlike in iron; aluminium oxide forms a protective and not destructive layer. This metal is non-toxic and aroma less itself too, making it best for packaging. The basic uses of aluminium are for aircraft, machinery, electrical conductors and many. Aluminium is available in different forms like aluminium rod, aluminium bars, aluminium grills, casting rod tubes etc. There are numerous manufacturers and distributors easily available in market who is big sellers of copper and aluminium product.

Some parameters on which one can differentiate in the quality of copper and aluminium wires are the strength, high frequency, length and fire resistance test. The companies where copper wire has to be manufactured must have well-developed infrastructure which should comprise of advanced machinery equipments for production with expert engineers. This know-how enables the manufacturers to deliver quality products at reasonable prices.

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