Beginner Piano Lessons

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For most people, learning how to play the piano can be intimidating at first. However the tension and anxiety that surrounds stepping into the unfamiliar undertaking can be eased by the appropriate beginner piano lessons. Ideally, piano lessons for beginners should focus on training people how to read the musical notes and hitting the right keys.  Before knowing how to read the notes however, one must know where each key lies on the piano.

As any person with an interest in the piano will have noted, black keys on the piano are grouped either in a pair or in groups of three. The black keys represent the “sharps and flats” with the sharps having higher tones than the flats.  A beginner also needs to know that the key on extreme right in the Piano is named ‘C’. Other keys after that are sequentially named up to ‘G’. The next key after the latter is named ‘A’. Once the beginner has mastered the keys, the next step requires them to understand how the chords are read.  As all beginner piano lessons will reveal, chords are made of a combination of three notes, which are played simultaneously to produce a specific sound. They are divided into major and minor chords.
In order to master the art of playing the piano well as a beginner, one must be ready to dedicate at least one hour a day practicing the notes and chords taught in the beginner lessons. Although there are different variations of the piano, a full-sized piano has 88 black keys and the same number of white keys. A beginner piano player also needs to understand that there are 12 groups of notes on the piano, which he or she must commit to memory in order to successfully play the piano.  This however does not mean that the beginner student should spend a lot of time learning the scales and drills. Rather, lessons for beginner students must incorporate activities meant to not only build musical skills in the learners, but also engage them fully. Why do I say this? Well, human reason dictates that if a person does the same thing over and over again, sooner or later they become bored. The same thing happens to beginner piano learner. If the lessons are not engaging them fully, they not only become bored, but a good number of them become frustrated hence dropping off the classes.

Among the items that should be integrated in the beginner piano lessons include:  video lessons, sound files, diagrams and pictures. The use of games is also essential in helping beginners build piano-playing skills. As beginner students learn the notes, most piano beginner lesson also insist of imparting them with music-related theory. Often times, students enroll for piano lessons thinking that all they will do is learn the notes and play on. However, most piano teachers understand that for a person to play the piano perfectly, they need to understand why a particular song was composed. Once the students understand the intentions behind the song, they are then able to infuse more feelings and depth when playing that specific tune.  


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