Interviews – The Most Difficult Interview Questions

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The recruiter is interested to interrogate many things and grills you from various points of views. The interviewer checks your confidence level, your expressing abilities, the precision in talking, the domain knowledge etc.

The interview most of the times begins with one of the most difficult interview question;

Tell me about yourself.

Now it is your turn to express yourself in the best manner you can. Be prepared for this question. Think about what point of view you can tell about yourself. Divide the information about you in the sections such as personal information, family background, educational background and your objective. The information should be optimum required, as the recruiter can refer at any point of time from your resume. You can say that it is the opening question that helps the interviewer to judge you, or he can plan his questionnaire accordingly.

If you go through the interview tips, you will find the very important tip that, study about the organization, its products, about the policy and the mission etc. The interviewer mostly asks:

What do you know about our firm?

If you are capable enough to explain the question up to certain extent, it is sufficient enough for the interviewer to judge, that you are keen to learn or update yourself as it is mandatory if you want to grow.    

Another question the interviewer asks most of the times is that:

Why do you want to work with us?

Now you must be well prepared for this question. You should highlight the positive points about that organization, and assure them that you would grow and contribute in organizational growth too.

Another most FAQ:

Why do you want to leave the current organization you are working with? 

The interviewer checks if you are frequently changing the jobs or you are just quitting for the sake of monitory rise, or what kind of commitment you can assure the recruiter etc. So always remember that the interviewer should find the reason for leaving the current organization valid. You should be successful to convey the recruiter that you are leaving the current organization on good terms. As it is the policy of most of the companies that the HR person calls the present employer of the candidate to get an idea about his performance, conduct and competency.

Apart from that you may have to face so many tricky interview questions such as:

Why we should hire you only?

What is your salary expectation?

How long will you stay with us? etc

Sometimes you may find the interviewer may ask the same question again. It sometimes happens that you may have to answer some of the questions in each round. But be prepared for that, as the immediate boss, the HR person and the panel of recruiters etc. judge you from their own perspectives.

In some of the cases it happened that taking into consideration your domain knowledge, your confidence you are offered higher salary than you expected, or you are selected for the senior position than what you have applied for.   


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