Mites Dog

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                                                              MITES DOG

Due to infestation of mites dog has to suffer a lot. Mites are small parasitic creatures that cling to the body of dogs and find out ways to enter in the epidermal layer of skin.  There are various types of mites but the mites that are concerned with dogs are of two types viz Demodex mites and Sarcoptic mites (Scabies).  Scabies mites are more troublesome than Demodex mites.

If dust mites are present at home then it also affects the pet in your house. Due to dust mites dog develops an allergy. It also reacts to enzyme which acts to degrade chitin. Scabies mites bite is more harmful to dogs. Due to scabies mites dog develops red bumps on his skin which does away on its own and leads to extreme itchiness on skin. Scabies is a disease which is spread through one to one contact of dogs or with humans.

Dust mites and scabies mites are not only culprit in spreading of disease to dogs. There are many other mites and bug which makes life of dog miserable sometimes. Flea tops the list of mites. Fleas are generally found in pet’s likes dogs and cats. Due to fleas dogs build up high skin irritation which leads to redness of skin.  And list continues with chiggers, lice and ticks. All these are very small parasitic mites which prefer to stay on the skin of their bugs. These mites do not stay inside the body of their host instead they reside nearby their host so the host are easily approachable.

If bitten by chiggers dog senses high irritation and red soreness of skin. The appearance of lice dogs is easily visible by naked eye. They can be removed easily by special comb. Ticks attach themselves very firmly to the body of their host. It is difficult to remove them easily. They can be removed by pairs of tweezers. Bitten by ticks dogs has the same symptoms as for other mites bites.

Only dogs are not only the suffers, cats and puppies are also suffering from the mites bite. Bitten by mites cats develop itching of skin and start shading hairs. If bitten by mite puppy also suffer from several signs of mite bites.

We can avoid these mites on our pets by taking proper care of them and their frequent visit to veterinary doctors.



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