As I Ought to

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I view you as I ought to

As I should

I see things clearly, or as clear as they can be viewed

through my brand of lens

I focus on the peripheral sights

And the stolen moments that I am given

Like the dubious lighting that your body lays under

at 3am.

I love waking you in erogenous sections

in the quiet hours of the black early morning

Within me, a lover’s repertoire of teasing tricks and manual gimmicks

I view you begin to stir

and I stop for a moment

Only to begin again as under sensitive fingers I feel your goose fleshed skin

You sigh and I stop then I release

Until eventually

My patience is rewarded and you wake to me

Once you do, it isn’t hard to see the arousal in your eyes and you can taste it on my lips

As we kiss

Senses aroused and primed for the playful melee

The consummate voyeur,  I from time to time stop to take in the view

From all vantage points  


I view you as my own

Not as my property,

 but as the valve that lets my heart

continue to function properly

When I call you my girl it isn’t to say that I don’t want

the world to have their small share of you

Everyone is entitled to beauty and art

To me you are both artistically talented in nature and beautiful

and your beauty is naturally artistic

Fodder for a sculpture or a painter who traces your physical outline onto some canvas

to immortalize you forever

I view you as a precious jewel,

A well sought after but elusive pink pearl

That although is sometimes on display for enthusiast to admire

at the end of the day is my own to keep

and view lying next to me until heavy and grateful eyes send me to sleep

Where I again see you in my dreams

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