Free Will's Antithesis

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(Life choices made with the scientific “eeny meeny miny moe” method)

You have not been coerced

Not aggressively forced to take these false steps

You have no recourse but to rake through the pantheon of drastic mistakes that ultimately you make

And without mistake they paint you inept

We all make mistakes to a certain degree

But with you

Like others, a certain few

For goodness sake

They are an intricate and delicately patterned part of your story’s tapestry

And thus viewed from a totally different take

A fool’s unreasonable slipknot

A jester’s arsenic insidiously baked into a beautiful cake

A mass of molten metal carved into folly’s pretty filigree

To be worn and to adorn your person pitiably to us, but for you misguided

And your own happiness self derided

While the train wreck of your strange ways along with your pride and your memory have head on collided

Until they are passively placed permanently as a reminder on your gravestone

For all who knew you to see

And mourn

Copyright ©2010 by j. k. Bradford, All Rights Reserved

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